The Book

Emma published her first book in 2020 after five years championing a whole system change in sexual abuse services for children in London.

This is the story of the first UK Barnahus (Child House), called The Lighthouse. It is a safe space for children and young people that experience sexual abuse, a historical step change towards child friendly justice, providing life changing outcomes for the children. 

This is my personal journal to lead that change, the challenges I faced, the amazing conversations and the unexpected responses. An invitation for you to change the system where you live and work, for the 1 in 10 children that live with the aftermath of child sexual abuse. 

My hopes and dreams are for a society that sees the victims as children, without myths and stereotypes, and where professionals across agencies work together to allow the best evidence to be heard and support the child towards recovery of their physical and mental health. Can you be the change for children in your area?

Available to buy at Russell House Publishing or via Amazon.

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Emma Harewood hopes to inspire:

  • Commitment from the Government to invest in more Child Houses (Barnahus) across the UK.
  • Commitment from local Commissioners in Health, Social Care and the Police to work together to transform services for children experiencing sexual abuse.
  • Professionals and the public to start to be the champion for change in their area.
  • Service design to be rooted in detailed assessment of local needs, acknowledge the good practice in place locally and listen to the voice of children and adult survivors.

Emma said “I hope this book inspires people that they can be the change for children experiencing child sexual abuse in their area.”  

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Making children and young people feel valued is vital and I have seen that happen in the Lighthouse. Children said ‘The Lighthouse are always there to listen and never judgemental’. ‘Talking about the future and my strengths has helped. Focusing on the positives in my sessions here has given me strength to know my life can change and get better’.